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zohra basharat

Zora Basharat, from the Azad Chaiwala Institute's Education Department, is a dedicated career counselor with a passion for guiding individuals toward successful career paths. Using empathy and practical advice, she tailors personalized guidance to match each person's strengths, interests, and goals. Zora stays updated on industry trends to provide valuable insights and tools through consultations, workshops, and resources. Committed to unlocking individuals' potential, she fosters a supportive environment to inspire long-term career satisfaction.

zain warasat

Zain Wirasat is a seasoned educator with 10+ years of teaching experience. He has guided over 1000 students to thriving careers, both within and outside of Pakistan. He ensures that every individual he mentors receives unbiased/reality based/personalized guidance and support to achieve their goals.With Zain by your side, you're not just embarking on a career journey—you're unlocking a future brimming with possibilities.

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  • Duration: 30 min
Online Career Advice Service Pakistan
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