Our fees are not expensive at all, we value our knowledge and skill transfer capability a lot higher than the many fazool degrees people are willing to pay a minimum of 8 lakh rupees of their parents hard earned income, along with wasting many years of their lives all in all to come out at the other end with zero skills. So in comparison to those fees, we are up to 95% cheaper and a 1000000% more useful & we save you many years of your life which in itself is priceless. But still if you cannot afford our fees. You are more than welcome to follow our curriculum, step by step and learn through YouTube. 90% of all successful IT professional have taken this path and succeeded with great results. We wish everybody did this and universities and institutes like ours never needed to exist.

We are based in Mirpur Azad Kashmir. Our exact location and contact details can be found here: https://AzadChaiwala.pk/contact

The reason is that it is probably the first time in Pakistan that someone genuinely has stepped up to TEACH something genuinly practical, instead of the same old bullshit ratta maal.

By moving slowly we can ensure you have the best instructors and thus the best chance at succeeding in your chosen subject.

Plus historically whenever something has grown too fast, the quality of the product and service always drops and we don't want that for us. Especially we don't want to reach Azad Chaiwala.

Our Bank Account Information is as follows:

Account Name: Azad Chaiwala Institute

Bank: Dubai Islamic Bank

Account Number: 032045 4038006


IBAN: PK25DUIB0000000454038006

IMPORTANT: You must add reference STUDENT's NAME when making any payment to us. Not doing so will cause unnecessary delay and you may miss out on your choice of the batch

For more details on payments use payment options in the menu bar.

All Admission & Accommodation fees are non refundable. If you cannot attend your particular class, you must inform us no later than 7 days before your class starts so we can alot that seat to someone else and move your date to a future batch.

You are however allowed to send someone as a substitute if you wish but you again must inform us atleast 3 days before the course starts.