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Certified Computer Operator Program

Learn how to use a computer from beginner to mid-level. We'll teach you how to use a computer right from turning it on & off. Right upto playing simple games, using Microsoft products like Word, excel etc. Yeh course karne k bahd jab be koi computer ki baat kare ga, aap sharam se bhaag nahi jao ge.

100% money back guarantee


At Azad Chaiwala Institute, we're committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our fast-track educational courses. That's why we offer a comprehensive refund guarantee program to provide you with peace of mind when you enroll with us. We believe in the quality of our education, and we stand behind it with confidence.

Our Guarantee: Our refund guarantee program is designed to offer you a safety net. If you are unsatisfied with your experience & can categorically claim that you have not learnt anything, you may be eligible for a refund of your course fees.

You can read the full 100% Money-Back Guarantee policy on our Terms & Conditions page.

Why Learn Advanced Computer Course ?

  • Scope: The advanced computer course covers a wide range of essential skills in the field of computing.
  • 1-Month Program: This advanced computer course offers an intensive learning experience designed to equip you with comprehensive computer skills in just 1 month.
  • Typing Master Pro: Enhance your typing skills using the Typing Master Pro software.
  • Microsoft Word: Learn to create, format, insert tables, lists & style written documents.
  • Microsoft Excel: Master creating Excel sheets, using functions & formulas, formatting data, managing databases & creating charts & graphs.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Develop skills in creating engaging presentations, editing slides, adding animations, transitions & multimedia elements.
  • InPage Software: Improve your Urdu typing skills with the InPage software.
  • Internet Usage: Discover techniques for connecting to the Internet, conducting research, browsing, social media usage & online communication.
  • Email Setup: Learn how to set up & manage your own email account, including best practices for writing, sending & receiving emails.
  • Hardware & Software Troubleshooting: Gain knowledge in troubleshooting, installation, maintenance, upgrading & replacement of hardware and software.
  • Enhanced Productivity: By mastering advanced computer skills, you'll significantly enhance your productivity in various professional and personal tasks. Efficient typing, proficient use of Microsoft Office tools & troubleshooting abilities will enable you to complete projects faster, organize data effectively & resolve technical issues efficiently, leading to increased productivity & effectiveness in your work.

Brief Outline

  • Microsoft Word: Creating, Formatting, Inserting Tables, Lists & Styling Written Documents etc.
  • Microsoft Excel: Creating Excel Sheets, Functions, Formulas, Formatting, Data Entry, Databases Mangement, Charts & Graphs.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Creating Presentations, Editing Slides, Animations, Transitions & Adding Multimedia etc.
  • In Page Software: Develop Your Urdu Typing skills.
  • How to use the internet: Connecting, Research Techniques, Browsing, Social Media & Online Communication.
  • How to set up your own email: writing, sending, receiving email best practices.
  • Typing with Typing Master Pro software: Touch Typing, Speed Typing, Advanced Typing Shortcuts & Techniques, Playing Typing Games to better your Typing accuracy & Skills.
  • Hardware Software Troubleshooting: Windows & Other Software Installation, Understanding Computer Components, Resolving Hardware Issues, Computer Maintenance, Upgrading and Replacing Hardware.
Bilal Asghar.
"I really loved the typing game. It has helped me improve my typing speed and skills a lot. All without looking at the keyboard."

Bilal Asghar.

Age 21, Khuiratta AJK

Aneeb M.
"I came to Azad Chaiwala Institute not knowing how to use a computer. This course taught me so much that today Alhamdulillah I am learning video editing now."

Aneeb M.

Age 25, Skardu

Ahsan Yaqub
"I came to learn ‘how to use a computer’ so i could later go become a graphic designer."

Ahsan Yaqub

Age 22, Kotli AJK

instructors atif, sikandar, waqas

Our Mission

We at Azad Chaiwala Institute, strongly believe that you are being scammed in the name of education. The current education system has failed you for long enough, and we are taking a stand against it.

Mission Statement
We want you to:
  1. 1. Succeed as early in life as possible by learning in-demand skills.
  2. 2. Not waste your youth chasing Ratta & empty promises.
  3. 3. Ultimately, make money & start supporting your family as soon as possible.

We have already educated over 10 Lakh people just like yourself. Who are now making money & moving upwards in life.

Entry Requirements

  • No minimum age requirement
  • Basic to mid-level English
  • You must know how to use a computer. (atleast mid-level)

Course Certificate

On finishing the course, you will be eligible to get a ‘course completion certificate’.

Certified Computer Operator Program
  • Duration: 1 Month / Mon - Fri / 2 hours per day.
  • Certificate of completion (Optional).
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