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Game Development Course

We’ll teach how to create your own 3D Games with Unity using the C# programming language. We will also guide you through the process of publishing your games across various platforms, including the web, pc, mac, the iphone app store & the android play store respectively.

Why Learn Game Development?

  • Unity 3D Scope: 50% of all games made on mobile devices are made using Unity 3D.
  • Fast: We’ll make you a game developer in only 4 months (INSHALLAH).
  • Your Game: You can make your own games & publish them on iphone & android mobile devices, pc’s, consoles and even virtual reality (vr) or augmented reality (ar) platforms.
  • No Degree Required: You don’t need a degree to make games.
  • Personal Growth: You’ll grow your creative & analytical skills.
  • Earning: You’ll be able to earn a competitive salary even as a junior game developer *approx 4.2 lakhs in your first year.
  • Fun: You’ll get to work in fun & casual environments.
  • Proud Parents: Your parents will proudly tell everyone k mera beta games bnata hai.
  • Play Games: You’ll get to play games as part of your job.
  • Career Scope: Game development offers an in demand, steady & growing career opportunity.
  • Abroad Jao: You’ll be able to avail opportunities to work abroad at much higher salaries. America, Germany, Canada & Australia all have relocation agencies that are constantly recruiting highly skilled game developers.
  • Remote Jobs: You’ll have the opportunity to work with international companies as a remote developer.
  • Freelancing: You’ll be able to sell your services as a freelancer.
  • Business Karo: You can launch your own games or open a game development studio business.
  • Portfolio: As part of the course we’ll help you build a portfolio of completed game projects to demonstrate your skills, creativity, and practical experience to potential employers or clients.
  • Transferable skills: The skills you learn in this course will be transferable. skills such as coding, problem-solving, project management, & teamwork, can be valuable in other industries beyond game development.

Brief Outline

  • Introduction to Unity game engine and its user interface.
  • Creating and manipulating 3D and 2D game objects.
  • Understanding game physics and detecting collisions.
  • Implementing player controls and character movements.
  • Building interactive environments and designing game levels.
  • Adding sound effects and working with audio in games.
  • Creating user interfaces and UI elements.
  • Writing game logic and scripting with C# programming language.
  • Integrating animations and special effects into games.
  • Implementing AI, multiplayer features, and enemy behaviors.
  • Implementing in-app purchases and monetization strategies.
  • Publishing your games on PC, iPhone, and Android platforms.
  • Creating a portfolio of games to showcase your skills.
instructors atif, sikandar, waqas

Our Mission

We at Azad Chaiwala Institute, strongly believe that you are being scammed in the name of education. The current education system has failed you for long enough, and we are taking a stand against it.

Mission Statement
We want you to:
  1. 1. Succeed as early in life as possible by learning in-demand skills.
  2. 2. Not waste your youth chasing Ratta & empty promises.
  3. 3. Ultimately, make money & start supporting your family as soon as possible.

We have already educated over 10 Lakh people just like yourself. Who are now making money & moving upwards in life.

Game Developer Salariesin Pakistan
[According to Rozee.pk 2022]

Skill Level Avg Monthly Salary

8 Reasons you why should learn from us & not waste your time at Colleges & Universities

University Vs Our Institute
Obsolete Syllabus
Latest Syllabus
24 - 72 Months
1 - 3 Months
Become Nothing
Become Skillful
Zero Demand
Market Demand
Not Job Ready
Job Ready
Instant ROI*

*Return on Investment (ROI), is made easy the more skilled you are.

Entry Requirements

  • No minimum age requirement
  • Basic to mid-level English
  • You must know how to use a computer. (atleast mid-level)
  • Laptop/PC is must for both (Online and Offline) Classes

Course Certificate

*Subject to meeting our terms and conditions. Please refer to section 19 of our Terms & Condition for exact details .



  •  Class Duration: 3 hours per day.
  •  Course Length: 4 Months.
  •  Certificate of completion (Optional).
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