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Certified YouTube, Filming & Video Editing Program

In only 8 weeks, we'll make you a decent video editor & videographer by giving you hands-on class & field based training. All equipment like DSLR Cameras, Lighting, Mic's etc will be provided by us. Getting you Job Ready and/or Ready to become an Influencer.

100% money back guarantee


At Azad Chaiwala Institute, we're committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our fast-track educational courses. That's why we offer a comprehensive refund guarantee program to provide you with peace of mind when you enroll with us. We believe in the quality of our education, and we stand behind it with confidence.

Our Guarantee: Our refund guarantee program is designed to offer you a safety net. If you are unsatisfied with your experience & can categorically claim that you have not learnt anything, you may be eligible for a refund of your course fees.

You can read the full 100% Money-Back Guarantee policy on our Terms & Conditions page.

Abrar Ahmed
"Nobody can provide this sort of course in 40,000 pkr. To my surprise, every student was free to use all the high-end equipment which I didn’t expect."

Abrar Ahmed

Age 21,Gujrat

Madni Wahab
"I learnt from teachers who have years of experience behind them. Icing on the cake was the positive environment at the institute."

Madni Wahab

Age 22, Bhimber

Naeem A.
"I like Azad Chaiwala because they teach you only things that are in demand and which allow you to go into the real world and earn money."

Naeem A.

Age 21, Mandi Bahauddin

Brief Outline

  • Mastering Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Shooting High-Quality Footage with DSLR Cameras.
  • Using Different Types of Lenses to Enhance Visual Storytelling.
  • Adding Professional-Level Camera Movement with Gimbals.
  • Recording Clean & Clear Audio for Your Projects.
  • Setting Up & Controlling Lighting for Best Results.
  • Creating Dynamic Visuals with Green Screen Techniques.
  • Creating stunning videos with captivating Visual Effects (VFX) techniques.
  • Color Grading Techniques for Professional-Looking Videos.
  • Starting your own YouTube Channel, Uploading Videos etc.
  • Starting your freelance Business, Job Hunting & Landing Internships.
  • Building your Video Resume & 10 Project Portfolio to showcase your skills & attract potential clients.

Why YouTube, Filming & Video Editing?

  • Scope: Almost every industry requires professional video-making & editing services to create engaging content.
  • Prominent Clients: YouTube, Netflix, Disney, HBO & various media production companies rely on video-making & editing professionals.
  • Quick Mastery: We’ll make you a proficient video editor in 2 months.
  • No Degree Required: Matriculation is enough to pursue a career in this profession.
  • Earnings: Entry-level salaries range from PKR. 3-6 lakhs per year, increasing to PKR. 7-15 lakhs with 2+ years of experience.
  • Technical Versatility: Gain expertise in video editing & filming.
  • Creative Expression: We’ll teach you how to showcase your creativity & storytelling skills.
  • In-Demand Skill: Video-making & editing skills are highly sought after in industries such as film, advertising, marketing & content creation.
  • Remote Work: Enjoy the flexibility of working remotely as a video editor for international clients.
  • Freelancing: You’ll be able to sell your services as a freelance video editor.
  • Entrepreneurship: Establish your own video production company.
  • Impressive Portfolio: We’ll teach you how to build a portfolio of completed projects to showcase your skills & attract potential clients.
  • Transferable Skills: You’ll be able to develop transferable skills like visual storytelling, attention to detail & project management.
instructors atif, sikandar, waqas

Our Mission

We at Azad Chaiwala Institute, strongly believe that you are being scammed in the name of education. The current education system has failed you for long enough, and we are taking a stand against it.

Mission Statement
We want you to:
  1. 1. Succeed as early in life as possible by learning in-demand skills.
  2. 2. Not waste your youth chasing Ratta & empty promises.
  3. 3. Ultimately, make money & start supporting your family as soon as possible.

We have already educated over 10 Lakh people just like yourself. Who are now making money & moving upwards in life.

Videographer Salaries in Pakistan
[According to Rozee.pk 2022]

Skill Level Avg Monthly Salary
zero to one crore & more

8 Reasons you why should learn from us & not waste time at Colleges & Universities

University Vs Our Institute
Obsolete Syllabus
Latest Syllabus
24 - 72 Months
2 Months
Become Nothing
Become a Videographer
Zero Demand
Market Demand
Not Job Ready
Job Ready
Instant ROI*

*Return on Investment (ROI), is made easy the more skilled & experienced you are.

Entry Requirements

  • No minimum age requirement
  • Basic to mid-level English
  • You must know how to use a computer. (atleast mid-level)

Course Certificate

Upon finishing the course you will be eligible to get a course
certificate only after the successful completion of filming &
editing of 10 video projects.

Certified YouTube, Filming & Video Editing Program
  • Duration: 2 Months / Mon - Fri / 3 hours per day.
  • Certificate of completion (Optional).
Batches in Rawalpindi Campus

22-Jul Seats: 07 02:00 PM - 05:00 AM AFTN

12-Aug Seats: 07 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM MRNG

Batches in Lahore Campus

29-Jul Seats: 08 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM EVNG

19-Aug Seats: 06 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM AFTN

26-Aug Seats: 06 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM AFTN

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